Dear Diana,

First, thank you so much for the great gift card for the Chart House!! Sounds perfect!! We might go tonight! 
Thank you again for all the great work you did to find us a wonderful home here in the Miami area!! You went beyond the call of duty, many, many times!

Unpacking is coming along.... Update:
We have painted a couple of rooms and plan to paint the great room, hallway and master next week. 

I swim laps every day, the wonderful sunshine is amazing and my knees feel better! 

You are a kind and gracious lady, and I'm so appreciative of all you did for us!  I am so happy to know you, and hope we can get together soon.  Once we truly get settled I would love to  have you over and/or meet up with you and have lunch in Miami Beach one day. 

Thanks again for being my first friend, your kindness, and all your hard work! 

Take care!


 Please contact me with questions. I'd love to learn about your wish list, it helps me find the perfect home in the best location to give you the lifestyle  you desire and  make you happy! 

From Buyers Jan and Vice Admiral Joe Kernan

Please Call or Text 786 285 4881or email as you prefer and you'll reach me on my smart phone  7 days a week.

Call for more information: (786) 285 4881

Please enter at least one email address so you can receive property details and photos from the MLS and other sources which as a Realtor, I have quick access to. 

See links on my home page for the many outdoor/indoor events that our beautiful weather lets people enjoy throughout the year. People from all over the world come here to connect at Art Basel, Boat Shows and Conventions. Many like Jan and Joe decide to relocate, here.