Current Market

Whether you are doing a cash transaction or financing,  this affects you!

Housing inventories are low in the desirable neighborhoods  of Southeast Florida.   If you have cash to buy you are what every seller wants, however  don't expect to steal the property.  Since availability is low, owners are getting their asking price from buyers within days of listing their properties in many areas.

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Real Estate here in Southeast Florida is safe, profitable and better than a warm coat in winter, when you do it right! 

If you can buy now, do it.   Prices are leaping higher and interest rates are inching up. Cash Buyers beware I am seeing some of you paying way over the bank valuations.  Then they get stuck in properties that they can't resell except to other cash buyers.

Rates won't do anything dramatic until after the election, but as long as lenders are afraid of having to buy back their loans, they will be very fussy about taking on risk.