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In southeast Florida near the beach, it's probably a sunny day in the 80's, the strong Atlantic breezes off the ocean give these areas cooler weather in the summer and warmer temperatures in the winter. The storms that form over the Everglades and impact the western communities of
Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties, frequently never reach the beach areas. And these same prevailing winds, usually steer hurricanes into the Gulf of Mexico.  
In the months of October through March, cold fronts that sweep down the Florida peninsula usually weaken and stall out when they reach the big lake just before the lower part of the State. It can be 35 in Jacksonville and 80 in Fort Lauderdale on the same day. Our wonderful weather year around is why Real Estate in the southeast Florida waterfront communities is more expensive!

South Florida Real Estate is a great investment where you can live, receive rental income, and sell at a profit. Please keep in mind that there are many separate neighborhoods 
in each city that differ greatly in value. Guard gated communities and those on one of the islands always have the most prized properties.



Many people from all over the world prefer to invest here in the communities of Miami to Palm Beach rather than the bank or stock market!