Not only should you prepare the property to "Show",  have it ready to "Close". Once you accept an Offer, Appraisers and Inspectors will begin to appear. Make sure it is easy for them to do their job, quickly.  Have
everything  unlocked, and provide easy access to crawl spaces and attic. They will need to do a full visual inspection at the least, so remove any stored items.

When inspectors are unable to inspect, they write "unable to
inspect-further inspection required" on their reports. In most cases, if there's a re-inspection fee, seller pays for it and you lose time and good will, because it slows down escrows, affects contingency removal and increases frustration while waiting to see the final reports.

Buyers Agents love working with Listing Agents that have done thorough
preparations  and will frequently recommend that Buyers make offers on these listings rather than other properties. Buyers want to "Close" quickly  without
any problems and are likely to pay "Top Dollar" for this. I work very hard to assure sellers and buyers are happy after Closing.

Today's serious buyers appreciate easy access to all information they need to make an informed buying decision being  attached  to the listing. You will get top dollar and quicker, if you prepare to "Close" not just to show  and get an "Offer".

Suggestions to Sellers

In addition to making it easier for a buyer to make a quick decision about a specific property,  having all the reports on line expedites the process necessary to "Close". When everyone has easy access to all documents from the very beginning,  buyers' agents, transaction coordinators and title officers can download everything they need without having to wait for the listing agent to provide it.

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The Buyer and their agent will investigate the repair situation and it's best you take care of these things before they become a big issue. All Contracts contain escape clauses to protect Buyers, and when a property is sold "As Is", it  signals the property has defects. The buyer when he receives his Inspection Report can renegotiate the price or cancel the Contract and get his deposit refunded. Make sure you understand the Offer to Purchase Contract, and decide how you want to handle the repair situation sooner rather than later.

Sellers, the better you and your agent are prepared for offers, the quicker
your  property will sell. This is not the same as having your property ready to  showwell. Both can affect your getting top dollar.

Provide complete, accurate property information. Highlight features but be upfront with defects. Pictures of both need to be in the listing. A listing without pictures of everything, is a red flag to buyers agents. The Sellers Property Disclosure, required by Florida law, should be available in an attachment on the listing. 

A clean inspection report by a licensed inspection service will get the property sold faster, and for the highest price. Correct whatever needs to be repaired and attach warranty info with proof repairs were made or estimates to do repairs. If permits are open, close them or if they are needed to do the repairs, make sure they can be gotten, what is required and time needed.